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The group of teachers at Little Oak Montessori has played a pivotal role in the upbringing of our daughters, Abigail and Isabelle, while my wife and I go about our busy days as a family of 5. Thanks to the Montessori philosophy and teachers going above and beyond, my daughters have grown to be independent, creative and confident little people – all attributes we highly value within our family. The level of confidence when using a pair of scissors, or tying shoelaces, or sewing with a needle are all wonderful examples of skills learnt, but more importantly a reflection of the care and efforts from the teachers there..
Abigail & Isabelle's
We are so grateful for the wonderful experiences our three children had while attending Little Oak Montessori Children's House! The teachers are so caring and clearly passionate about their work. We were always so appreciative of the incredible thought and effort that the staff put into teaching-- they always encouraged each of our children and considered their individual needs. In addition to providing a rich learning environment consistent with the Montessori curriculum, they created such a warm and safe space for the children to build friendships, learn and grow. There was always clear communication between the school and the parents. The director of the school, Ms. Lillian, was always approachable and a consistent presence. We cannot speak highly enough of our experience with Little Oak Montessori Children's House and are truly so grateful to all the teachers!
Practical Life
Children are born with the potential to absorb and give meaning to language. Language exercises invite the child to use language to build self-expression and self-confidence. These activities also expose the child to various forms of language, such as literature, poetry and drama. Language exercises pave the way toward written composition as well as reading.
The child naturally has a curiosity and an interest in mathematics. As the young child explores mathematics, he or she finds enjoyment in it. The child’s inner needs for order give rise to the development of the mathematical mind and input a mathematical way of understanding the world. Mathematics activities serve to satisfy the child’s curiosity and interest as well as build his or her mathematical mind.

“The greatest gift we can give our children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence.”

- Dr. Maria Montessori

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