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Vision & Values

Little Oak Montessori School provides Montessori curriculum for children of 2.5 to 6 years of age. We offer full-day program at 2 locations in Vancouver. We are committed to working with families to support the image of the child as capable individual and full of potential. We adhere to Montessori pedagogical standards to ensure our school offers programs that nurture the children’s natural tendency, allow for individuality, foster independence, build a sense of community and spark passion for life-long learning.

Vision & Values

Our vision is to empower each child to thrive in a safe and supportive community where children and families are valued and respected.

Little Oak Montessori is committed to working with families to support the image of the child as a capable individual and full of potential. We believe that each child is unique and children differ in their strengths, capabilities, and interests. We are dedicated to providing an enriched environment that inspires and nurtures children’s natural love of learning as a life-long process.

We show respect for the child by recognizing each child’s unique strength, capability, and developmental needs. We create opportunities for children to value the similarities they share and appreciate the differences among individuals. We guide children to engage meaningful learning experiences by following their interests and being mindful of others and their environment.

Early childhood is the most significant stage for children to learn vital information about their world. We strive to deliver a quality program that implements the Montessori Method to provide a safe, nurturing and engaging environment that promotes the optimum growth of children’s physical, cognitive, social and emotional development.

We seek opportune moment to empower children to make choices and problem solve, so children have the opportunities to take risks, practice, make mistakes, develop coordination skills, express feelings, become resilient, foster independence and build self-confidence.

We integrate wellness throughout our program by promoting health and nutrition, etiquette, physical fitness, positive friendships, social competence, self-regulation, empathy, critical thinking, and parent communication. How well children will develop depends on their physical, social and emotional well-being in their early years.

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Little Oak Montessori School

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The group of teachers at Little Oak Montessori has played a pivotal role in the upbringing of our daughters, Abigail and Isabelle, while my wife and I go about our busy days as a family of 5. Thanks to the Montessori philosophy and teachers going above and beyond, my daughters have grown to be independent, creative and confident little people – all attributes we highly value within our family. The level of confidence when using a pair of scissors, or tying shoelaces, or sewing with a needle are all wonderful examples of skills learnt, but more importantly a reflection of the care and efforts from the teachers there.
Abigail & Isabelle's
We have both of our sons attended Little Oak Montessori House since 2017 and we loved it! The teachers were all very patient, engaged in classroom presence, valued real-world learning, and most of all, loved all the children there. As parents, we feel very supported and well-guided. Our kids were able to learn in such a loving, encouraging and positive environment, we were so appreciative of everything they do at Little Oak Montessori House! Thank you!
Ari & Gio’s
During two and half years studying at Little Oak Montessori, She learned a lot of knowledge and grew up both physically and psychologically. She now has a very positive mindset which she is willing to share and care for others, and building up leadership as well. All of these thanks to their teachers’ teaching at Little Oak Montessori. Olivia is now in kindergarten, she thinks that the content she learns now is so easy because she already learned at Little Oak. My daughter told me so many times that she wants to visit Little Oak to see all the teachers this Christmas. She really loves it there. Teachers at Little Oak are really doing a great job teaching the kids. Teachers are so kind and are so patient to teach and guide the kids. Little Oak Montessori truly provides high quality education, not only for academics which it’s already amazing, but all the aspects for kids to become a great person. For those who are looking for a preschool with great education and lovely teachers, definitely check out Little Oak Montessori.

We are so grateful for the wonderful experiences our three children had while attending Little Oak Montessori Children's House! The teachers are so caring and clearly passionate about their work. We were always so appreciative of the incredible thought and effort that the staff put into teaching-- they always encouraged each of our children and considered their individual needs. In addition to providing a rich learning environment consistent with the Montessori curriculum, they created such a warm and safe space for the children to build friendships, learn and grow. There was always clear communication between the school and the parents. The director of the school, Ms. Lillian, was always approachable and a consistent presence. We cannot speak highly enough of our experience with Little Oak Montessori Children's House and are truly so grateful to all the teachers!
Eli, Samuel & Mattias’s


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Locations & Contact Us

We currently have two locations in Vancouver, come take a look!


5668 Heather Street, Vancouver, BC

Tel: (778) 928-8635


3403 East 49th Ave, Vancouver, BC

Tel: (778) 928-8635

“The greatest gift we can give our children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence.”

- Dr. Maria Montessori