Little Oak Montessori Children's House (Daycare)

5668 Heather Street, Vancouver, BC V5Z 3M4 
Tel: (778) 928-8635

Little Oak Montessori School (Daycare)

3403 East 49th Ave, Vancouver, BC V5S 1M1
Tel: (778) 928-8635

The Curriculum

The Montessori classroom is divided into several areas including practical life, sensorial exercises, language art, mathematics, and cultural activities.
Children are guided to work at their own unique pace. Each child is assisted through each step in preparation for the next. Our Primary goal is to cultivate children’s desire to learn and foster their independence.



Child safety is enhanced by the installation of fire alarm monitoring system and indoor sprinkler system pursuant to the up-to-date Vancouver child safety guideline

Little Oak Montessori is committed to working with families to support the image of the child as capable individual  More

Montessori House

5668 Heather Street

Vancouver, BC V5Z 3M4 

Tel: (778) 928-8635 

Montessori School

3403 East 49th Ave

Vancouver, BC V5S 1M1

Tel: (778) 928-8635