About Us

Welcome to Little Oak Montessori Children’s House. Little Oak Montessori is a licensed group child care for children from 2 and half to 5 years of age. 

The school is situated in the heart of Vancouver on Heather St. and 41st Avenue on the upper floor of a house with a complete Montessori classroom and a natural outdoor environment with cedar wood playhouse, covered sand box, deck and bench, log and climb area, dry creek bed, garden, bridge, bike route, etc. 

Our commitment is to provide a safe, nurturing and enriched environment where children can thrive. We facilitate the children to follow their interests, actively explore and develop at their own pace.


Little Oak Montessori is committed to working with families to support the image of the child as capable individual  More

Montessori House

5668 Heather Street

Vancouver, BC V5Z 3M4 

Tel: (778) 928-8635 

Montessori School

3403 East 49th Ave

Vancouver, BC V5S 1M1

Tel: (778) 928-8635